Location Photo Sessions

with AnA Photography

Cornwall gives us some fantastic places for Photo Shoots outdoors on location. Our Location sessions are great for lifestyle style sessions, and we can visit places that you like to visit as a family, whether it’s a local woodland or beach, or pretty much anywhere!

We do have to play these sessions by ear a little, due to the unpredictable weather we have here in Cornwall. We also need to be aware of locations where permission to photograph may be limited.

Studio Session


at our Studio

near Bodmin


Location Session


within 25 miles

of Bodmin


Frequently Asked Questions

Can our Photo Shoot be on a Weekend?
For our standard Family, Child, Pawtraits or Milestone Sessions, weekend bookings aren’t a problem at all, however they do tend to book up a little further in advance.

Can our pet join in?
Absolutely! Our studio is pet friendly!

My Toddler doesn’t stand still!!
Don’t worry, we have been doing this for a long time, and are also parents! We don’t expect your little ones to sit and behave in the same was as adults.
We basically let them play, and get some great shots in the process. Plus we can always bribe them with sweets!