To ‘Bump’ or not to ‘Bump’

Deciding on a Maternity Photo Session

An intro from Aimiee….

Deciding whether or not to include a Bump or Maternity Photo Session in your package can be a hard decision for new Mums. I fully understand and appreciate that the Bump photos may not be your thing, and that you may be hesitant about having your photos taken. It isn’t uncommon to feel uncomfortable and bloated in the later stages of your pregnancy, so getting in front of the camera may be the last thing on your mind! But please note – you DON’T have to take your clothes off for the session – there any many styles available, including staying fully clothed!

When I was pregnant with Kieran, I was undecided as to whether to have a Maternity session. In the end I decided to go for it, as I didn’t want to regret it later. To this day, we are the only ones who have seen those photos, but I am so glad I have them, and will be able to show them to Kieran when he is older.

Your ‘Bump’ photo session will just be with me, Ant stays away for this one! The studio is in a beautiful location, and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. For our Maternity sessions, the windows are blocked, and you are welcome to ask us not to share your Bump images online!  Unless you are fully against it, my advice would be to give it a try. You don’t have to show anyone the photos, but they are photos you will never be able to have taken again, and are a great way to document this special moment in your lives. The Maternity session is a time for us to get creative, and artistic. Feel free to discuss your own ideas with me for the session, and let me know the things you like, as well as styles you aren’t so keen on. We will cover the different styles in a mo! You are more than welcome to include your parter in the photos, and if you have other children, they can join in the fun too!

If you have any questions about the Maternity session, and would like to chat about it, just pop me an e-mail or a Facebook message.

Cornwall Pregnancy Photography

What to wear…..?

Maternity Photo Shoot in Bodmin, Cornwall

Fully Clothed

You can remain fully clothed throughout your session if you wish!

Bump Photography in Cornwall

Exposed Bump

Using a simple ‘Boob Tube’ you can expose your bump while remaining covered!

Maternity Photography Bodmin


A perfect excuse to go underwear shopping!

Nude Bump Photo Shoots in Cornwall

Implied Nude

Our poses ensure you remain covered where it matters.

Preparing for your session…

Why not use your photo session as an excuse to spoil yourself for a day! You could even sweet talk your partner into a spa visit or makeover before you head over! For the session, we suggest bringing clothes that you will feel your best in, and arrive with your hair and makeup all ready for your shoot. Your makeup will need to be applied heavier than normal due to the intensity of the lights at the studio.We also recommend avoiding ‘fake tans’ where possible in the run up to your photo session. For clothed sessions, we recommend something fairly tight fitting, and relatively plain in colour. Boob Tube style tops are perfect if you are looking for the ‘Exposed Bump’ style of photos. If you are planning on any Underwear or Implied Nude style photos, we recommend wearing loose clothing on the journey here, and loosen your bra straps to avoid any strap marks in your photos.

Finally  – I am always happy to chat with you to help you ease your mind about the Bump sessions, so just pop us a message on Facebook, or an e-mail, and we will go through any questions you may have!
Speak to you soon!
Aimiee =)