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My First Shoots Package

The perfect way to capture those precious memories of your little one’s first story as they explore their new world.

What’s Included:
-a Newborn Baby Photo Session
-a Sitter Photo Session (around 6-9 months)
-a Toddle Photo Session (around 12-16 months)
-a FREE Digital Image from each session.

If you would like to read more about what happens at each session, take a look at our ‘Bump to Baby Experience Guide


About your booking…

We just need a few details to help us with your booking…

  • Current Availability
    Please contact us before booking if your due date is in  November 2022.

  • or would you like a gift voucher?
  • We'll make a note in our diary!
  • just so we know everybody's name!
  • Please let us know if there are any older siblings, and their ages.

How we book your package when we don’t know when your baby will arrive…

When you book your Bump to Baby or Newborn Package, we make a note of your Due Date on our system.
As we can only fit a certain number of Newborns in a week, we limit the number of ‘Due Dates’ we can book in any given period.
We will be in touch with you once you book, with all the information you will need regarding your Photo Sessions, and we ask that you get in touch with us in the first couple of days after your little one arrives, so we can arrange your Newborn Photo Shoot.
There is a small chance that you may book in with a due date during a time where we are fully booked. If this happens, we will get in touch with you straight away, and offer a full refund of your booking!

Photo Shoot Agreement & Model Release

Before your photo session starts, you will need to sign a copy of our Photo Shoot Agreement. In short it states:
This is a legal document between us and you.
You must have authorisation to sign the document on behalf of everyone involved in the photo session.

The photographer(s) will be AnA Photography and any additional assistants of our choosing.
We try to accommodate requests, but can’t guarantee it.
We may use the photos on our Website, Social Media, Studio Displays, Competitions, Press and Printed Handouts – you can choose for us not to use names if you wish.
Copyright of the images remains with AnA Photography. (if you buy digital images, you have a print licence so you can print them!)
You are entitled to a refund of your photoshoot if we have to cancel for any reason.
You are NOT allowed to take photos during the photo session. (background shots are usually ok, but please check first)
To read the Photo Shoot Agreement, and all other Terms and Conditions and Policy Documents in full, please click here.


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